It’s Monday and it’s November!

Hello November. Why is it still so hot?

We attended a class picnic for my second-grader on Saturday and it was a hot day. Luckily the picnic area was nice and shaded but the playground was in the sun and the kids were all sweaty after. And it was a fun variety of food from tamales to fried rice to Señorita bread.

On Sunday, we finally got to take the husband out for a nice birthday meal and he wanted sushi.

And of course the big day last week was Halloween. There was a school Halloween parade, a class party for the kindergarteners and then trick-or-treating at our neighbourhood. It seemed a bit quieter this year and we actually had candy leftover. The boys of course were thoroughly pleased with their haul, and they had fun going around the neighbourhood with their classmates who live nearby.

Making a spider out of marshmallows and pretzel sticks


Someone had a last-minute change of heart about his Batman costume and decided to be a ninja for the school parade. So I hastily crocheted him some gear to make him a ninja!

The Black Forest cake I made for the husband’s birthday.




West Wing and Queer Eye


Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman


Kabocha squash buns


Water but I just had some Yorkshire Gold earlier


Korean sweet potato noodles with Napa cabbage and chicken

Maybe shepherd’s pie this week

Last week:

I read:
Red Sparrow – Jason Matthews
Never Judge a Lady By Her Cover – Sarah Maclean
Fledgling (reread) – Octavia Butler

I posted: 

Weekend Cooking: Black Forest Cake

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