It’s Monday and it’s been a hazy week

View of Foster City from the bridge on Saturday morning

It’s been a strange and smoky week. The smoke is from the Camp Fire, which destroyed the town of Paradise and has, as of Sunday night, a death toll of 77, making it California’s deadliest natural disaster since Loma Prieta in 1989 which claimed 69 lives. It is terrifying to see the number of bodies found climb. Every day the newspapers report another bigger number. The number of missing is still as high as 1,300. It is heartbreaking to hear of all the lives lost. And also heartwarming to read the stories of those who rushed to help others.

Schools in our county were closed on Friday and since Tuesday the kids had been having indoor recess and all outdoor activities were canceled. The air quality index in our part of the East Bay went into the Unhealthy zone for a couple of days. And we’ve been trying to stay indoors for as much as we possibly can but it’s hard with two energetic boys!

So we’ve been eating out once in a while like dim sum on Sunday, picked up my mum from the airport on Saturday morning, played tennis (indoors) Saturday evening.

Oh and I finally finished my sweater! It’s the first sweater I’ve ever crocheted and it was kind of tricky as the pattern wasn’t as detailed as I would like and I had to redo the sleeves several times. But it’s wearable, hooray!





West Wing





Hot pot is our usual Thanksgiving dinner choice. Although this year with my mum around maybe we will have something more traditional


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