Book thoughts: I’ll Be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara

“The Golden State Killer haunts their dreams. He’s ruined their marriages. He’s burrowed so deeply inside their heads that they want to, or have to, believe that if they locked eyes with him, they’d know.”

This book has been terrifying me for weeks. I started it when the husband was away for work – big mistake! And I couldn’t start reading it again until he was back. It sound silly now to say that but yes, I couldn’t read this home alone at night. I know the crimes took place years ago and the evildoer was recently caught but all this happened not too far from here so it was a terrifying read. But that’s also because it was such a well-written read! I was constantly in awe of McNamara and all the work she put into it. It was quite an obsession. I just wish she could have lived to see the day he was caught.

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