It’s Monday and I’m listening to Awkward Black Girl

It’s been a cough-cough-cough week for me. Oddly, and thankfully, it’s only me who’s got this hacking cough. So I’m just trying to rest more and drink a lot of water and tea.


But ahem, we went to Dog Haus on Sunday and I had a really good hotdog. I only ate two or three tater tots though!

Not much happening this week but the boys got to open their Lego Advent calendars!






The Final Table. It’s an international cooking competition and I love how the chefs come from many different countries like Spain, South Africa, Australia, India, and that the episodes focus on different countries like Brazil, Japan, Mexico. But why no China? Isn’t Chinese cuisine important?

But I was most disappointed that when it came to the judges for the USA episode. The first half of each episode has 3 judges, usually 1 food critic and then 2 celebrities – there have been models and singers (Bebel Gilberto!) also sports stars like footballer Alessandro del Piero. And I suppose that’s fine, they want to up the glamour or something like that on the show. The thing is, why was the US episode 3 white men?? All the other countries had a woman judge, sometimes two. So disappointing.



I had some slices of baguette and a mug of milky Yorkshire Gold


My mom went to visit a friend in New York for the week but she’ll be back Friday evening. So I’m planning for the usual simple meals like noodles and pastas.



I’ve been working on hexagons! I’ve wanted to make something to cover the top of our piano and figure that this is a nice way of using up all those various bits and pieces of yarn I have.

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