#AMonthofFaves – Routines and Habits

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WED. | Dec 12 – #AMonthofFaves Routines, Habits and Changes. What Worked this Year and/or What Didn’t. What habits, routines or rituals worked for you this year – either something you kept doing – or something new that you started. What did you try that didn’t work … or what did you used to do that no longer works for you.

Something new that I started this year – going to the gym.

I’ve lived in this city for about 8 years now and I’m disappointed to say that for such a long time my exercise has been about walking in parks or around our estate. Joining a gym has been something I’ve been looking at for a while, as I’ve been wanting to take up swimming again. The kids have been going for swim class but I wanted a place where they could go and swim just for fun, especially in summer. My city doesn’t have a proper public pool – it does have a small waterpark, but that’s open only in summer.

So we joined a gym that has a family membership, that is, the kids can take classes, use the swimming pool and there are also kids’ rooms (one for those below 6 and one for older kids) where I can drop them off if I want to take a class or use the gym. My 5yo goes to kindergarten in the afternoon so he usually goes to the kids’ room in the mornings on weekdays. Luckily one of his good friends from school goes too so he’s always bugging me to go, even last week when I was sick with a bad cough! He’s good motivation to go for my exercise classes! I take 2-3 Zumba classes a week. I’m also thinking of trying out a kickboxing class. And on the weekends, the whole family plays tennis.

So that’s probably the biggest change in routine for myself this year.

How about you? 


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