Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park

We just returned from a stay in Palm Springs and it was such a change from the Bay Area.

We did some sightseeing, lots of relaxing and the kids were in the pool every single day.

Golden Barrel Cactus at The Living Desert zoo.

We had several ice creams at Lappert’s including Dole Whip and an amazing flavour called Kauai Pie, which is coffee ice cream with coconut flakes and macadamia nuts.

The vacation rental was quite lovely and had a nice pool and hot tub!

The best part of our trip was getting to Joshua Tree National Park. As you may know, the government shutdown meant that the National Parks employees weren’t working, but the locals were devotedly helping maintain restrooms and taking out the trash!

Facilities aside, it was a chilly and windy morning out there in the desert. We started from the northern entrance near the visitors center and slowly wandered our way down south, stopping to climb boulders and take lots of photos. It was amazing to see the Joshua trees and all the strange rocks and boulders around, many of which had rock climbers ascending them.

As we made our way further south, the landscape changed quite a bit as we left the higher elevation Mojave Desert and entered the lower Colorado Desert. No more strangely cantilevered boulders and magical Joshua Trees, instead grasslands and Cholla Cactus.


  1. Lovely photos! The Palm Springs area is a favourite escape for many Vancouverites so I’ve been visiting my entire life (since I was six weeks old). My parents are now retired and spend a few months each year there (within walking distance of the Living Desert, in fact) so I visit most years and always love going down. It’s wonderful to hear the locals are taking care of Joshua Tree during the shutdown.

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    1. Oh! How interesting to hear that lots of Vancouverites head down to Palm Springs! Not in summer I’m guessing!! I can’t imagine living there in summer….

      I just read that they decided to close Joshua Tree. I hope none of the joshua trees were damaged by rampaging idiots!


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