Best books I read in 2018 #amonthoffaves

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Here are, in no particular order, some of the best things I’ve read this year.

  • Best book with widows

    Best dystopian

    Best Cinderella story

    Best war story – and I ended reading more war stories than I expected to

    Best way to scare myself silly – and also a well-written, brilliantly researched piece of investigative reporting, sadly posthumously published.

    Best book by an author with the same last name as mine – but also a great story about class differences in China.

    Best book in which trees are the star (and really just one of the best written books published this year)

    Best book about the tiniest things in the world – and how fascinating they are

    Best umbrellas. Also best children’s book.

    Best book about mental illness. Also I loved the relationship between the sisters.

    Book that brought me back to my childhood which was when I was watching that Journey to the West show in Chinese – in this book Sun WuKong (the Monkey King) is one of the characters.

    Best book that’s on so many Best Of lists.

    Book that made me realize that I really ought to read more classics because sometimes they’re such beauties (and not crusty and stodgy and cod-liver oil like I always assume them to be).

    What are your best reads of 2018?


    1. I felt the same way about classics when I read The Count of Monte Cristo.

      Also “best book about widows” = love it. (Your description, I mean. I haven’t read it.)


    2. The Awakening was dramatised for the radio and I listened to it yesterday. I wouldn’t have realised it was a classic without reading your post. It was very forward thinking.


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