#BookBeginnings #Friday56 – No Fond Return of Love by Barbara Pym

This week’s book is No Fond Return of Love by Barbara Pym, published in 1961.


There are various ways of mending a broken heart, but perhaps going to a learned conference is one of the more unusual.


Later, when the girl came in, her eyes shining from the impact of coffee bar and London on a fine early autumn evening, Dulcie wondered if the time was approaching when she would have to enjoy herself in the lives of younger people, as mothers were said to – waiting up eagerly to hear about the dance and what the young man had said, and often getting precious little out of it, for all the waiting up with knitting and a dying fire and the kettle or saucepan of milk ready to be boiled for the hot drink. She rejected the picture of herself doing this as quickly as it came into her mind.”

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