Reading notes (February 28, 2019)

I have never listened to an audiobook so quickly (and at regular speed!) – Libby app now makes it v obvious that there are lots of people waiting so no chance of renewals. But really it is an absolute blast. It’s like hearing a conversation between the two of them and they so obviously dig each other & are having fun w the audiobook. I especially love that they tried to describe the photos that are in the book! They really are the cutest couple.

A reread, six years after the first read, and after becoming a fan of the TV series. I reread The Magicians but wasn’t enamoured with the younger Quentin, the focus on Q. The TV show worked so much better with, well, let’s face it, more women and a bit more diversity. So this second book, with Julia playing a bigger part, was far better than the first. It’s fun comparing the differences in plotlines (TV vs book). The best change is Margo!

This book was exactly what I needed today after a sodden dripping week full of kids coughing (and now me too) and canceled long weekend plans. It was fun and I just can’t resist a cynical droid who loves watching TV.

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