Golden Tresses of the Dead

I tend not to be a series continuer. Duologies, trilogies I do manage to finish. Maybe because I know that there it is, that’s the end, I can read that and be done with it. But when it comes to series with many books, like Laurie R Kong’s Mary Russell series, or the Outlander series, I tend to take my time with them. And to be honest, sometimes I forget about them, distracted by all the shiny pretties that publishers keep churning out and bookstagrammers keep posting beautiful photos of.

But somehow this series by Alan Bradley is something I always remember to pick up. And not terribly far from its publication date either.

In this tenth book, Flavia has two cases to solve. One involves a finger found in her sister’s wedding cake. Yes, Feely is getting married. As a result we don’t see very much of her – or Daffy really. Instead it’s become the Flavia and Dogger show with a side act of Undine, Flavia’s cousin, who apparently knows quite a bit about automobiles.


The case itself was interesting enough and I loved having more of Dogger and getting to know the snarky Undine but I did miss that banter among the three sisters. But as always, it was a delight to jump into a new mystery with Flavia, severed finger and all.


  1. I also really love the Flavia de Luce series and have managed to keep up with it whereas with other series I have floundered. I still need to read this last one however. Also I do hope that this is the last book because I want it to go out on a high note. So many series go on just a tad to long and the books suffer for it IMO.


  2. I get distracted with series too. I’m still working on the Ruth Rendell Inspector Wexford mysteries. I only read about one a year! I used to read these Bradley books but the one before the last book made me so mad I decided I was finished with them. To be honest, I was losing interest in them anyway.


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