Wundersmith by Jessica Townsend

I was delighted to be back in Nevermoor with Morrigan Crow and her patron Jupiter as she finally enters the prestigious Wundrous Society, the trials of which she passed in the first book. But things aren’t getting any easier for young Morrigan. She might be in the society but all they want to teach her is how evil Wundersmiths like her are. Also people are going missing and someone is blackmailing her class.

This might sound a bit strange if you haven’t read the first book! And why haven’t you read the first book already?? If you like stories that are a little bit quirky and set in a whimsical world, featuring a plucky young girl who’s got a bit of a dark side and who lives in a hotel with its many unusual guests and staff like a giant Magnificat who’s head of housekeeping and a vampire dwarf/party planner. Also, the good people of Nevermoor traverse their city via Brolly Rail.

I adore this series! I love the world building, I love the whimsy but especially that there’s this delightfully dark side to it all

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