It’s Monday and it’s a long weekend



 Last week…

We bought a Kitchenaid ice-cream mixer attachment. The original price listed was $70.99 and the Husband happened to check the Target app and for some reason it was listed there at $44.99 so we ordered it and picked it up after we watched Avengers: Endgame.

We’d been considering getting an ice-cream maker for a while. I didn’t want a big one like those with compressors (benefit: you don’t have to freeze the bowl first!) as it would take up too much space that I don’t have. And since my Kitchenaid mixer sits on my counter all the time anyway (I use it quite a lot, also it’s too heavy to move), an attachment seemed like the best thing to get.

Of course that meant we had to freeze the bowl for at least 15 hours!

But I also made the ice-cream custard (I used this lovely vanilla ice-cream recipe from David Leibovitz) and had it sitting in the fridge, ready to be poured into the mixer.

It did already taste great after 20 minutes or so of mixing. But it was already near dinnertime anyway so we put it in the freezer and took it out for dessert. Homemade vanilla ice cream is so delicious. It was luscious and creamy and had a big vanilla taste from the vanilla pod and extract.



Other things this week, lots of summer fruits at the farmers market – cherries, nectarines and peaches. I love nectarines. Peaches not so much.

Made japchae and a slow cooker honey-braised pork sirloin roast. The pork roast was so good!

Bookmarking it here myself so I’ll remember where I found the recipe.









Unmarriageable – Soniah Kamal


Machines Like Me – Ian McEwan


If You Leave Me – Crystal Hana Kim



The husband and I finally got to see Avengers: Endgame and don’t worry, I won’t reveal any spoilers or anything. So I will just say that I really enjoyed it, except for one part.




Homemade vanilla ice-cream (I’m writing this Sunday night)


 Lots of water


Last week:

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Ayesha At Last – Uzma Jalaluddin

Edinburgh – Alexander Chee

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