It’s Monday and it’s June!


It’s the last full week of school! The second grade teachers have the week planned out. The first two days seem to be board game days. One of the days, the kids are supposed to bring their favourite books and they will be doing some outdoors reading and they can bring toys and wear pyjamas. The kindergarteners are having a field trip to Happy Hollow and that’s going to be a full day event (kindergarten is half-day here).

Meanwhile, here’s what we did last week.

We went cherry picking at Brentwood. It’s about an hour drive away from us so we set off at 8 and got there at 9, when most of the farms open. A friend had recommended to us the farm directly opposite Nunn Better Farms, which is one of the more well-known farms in the area. I still have no idea what the name of the smaller farm opposite was, but their cherries were big and sweet! Apparently this is a good year for California cherries – we had a colder than usual winter and lots of rain, so the cherry season may be longer this year.

We had fun picking the cherries (and eating them!). My father-in-law picked the most cherries, and he was satisfied only when his bucket was full. We ended up with about 24 pounds of cherries. At $3.50 a pound, compared to $5 a pound at the farmers’ market.



Also, we went to see Detective Pikachu! The boys were very excited.



 I made chocolate ice-cream!


Homegrown radishes!

The weather was just nice for a Sunday BBQ.




Unmarriageable – Soniah Kamal


I Did Not Kill My Husband – Liu Zhenyun



On Saturday night, the husband and I watched Always Be My Maybe! It was such a great show, sweet and funny. I kinda wished we could have had more scenes with the younger actors!



Save Me the Plums – Ruth Reichl


Homemade walnut bread


Yorkshire Gold with milk


Last week:

I read:

Ayesha at Last – Uzma Jalaluddin
Edinburgh – Alexander Chee
Machines Like Me – Ian McEwan

I posted:


#AsianLitBingo 2019 Wrap-up!

Gula Melaka coconut ice cream #weekendcooking

Emergency Contact by Mary H K Choi #AsianLitBingo

Edinburgh by Alexander Chee #AsianLitBingo

Library Loot May 29 to June 4



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  1. Can’t believe summer holidays have come round again. I know they are earlier and longer for you guys, but still. We have cherries in bags on the street now. No-one at home likes them though!

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    1. Yeah I think this year it seems to have come by really fast because the spring break in our school district was quite late – it’s pegged to Easter which was later this year.


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