It’s Monday and it’s the last few days of school!


The last official school day is Wednesday and hooray no more school lunch to pack! No more driving back and forth several times a day! The kindergartener will finally be going to full-day school in August (kindergarten here is half-day so he only goes from 1140-3pm, and to complicate things, every first Wednesday is morning session). Of course that means next school year, I’ll have to pack two school lunches. Oh joy. Luckily the kids are ok eating sandwiches some days…

Meanwhile, we have some of our summer planned out – the kids are attending a couple of science-related summer camps. So hopefully they will have fun and learn something. I’ll also take them swimming more often. And it might sound Tiger Mom-ish of me, but I also want to make sure they’re both prepared for 3rd and 1st grade! The two of them are in a Mandarin immersion program, and we don’t really speak much Mandarin at home so we are going to have to work on that, especially since it’s a big jump from K to 1st. And when we visited the 3rd grade class at Open House, I marveled at all the projects that were on display, some poetry, some research projects, some stories written, book reviews, some in Chinese, some in English. Definitely more challenging written work than in 2nd!


Things eaten last week:

I brought the in-laws out to eat dim sum. My father-in-law loves century egg porridge. Also one of my favourite things is the shengjianbao or a panfried bun with pork and vegetables.

I discovered that kimchi in a burger is an amazing combination. We ate at a fancy food court at the fancy mall so we had good burgers from Super Duper and my in-laws had rice bowls from KoJa and I took the kimchi and added that to my burger. Yummy

We made sushi for dinner and also had sashimi

More eating out – xiaolongbao


Hot pot on a hot Sunday.










We watched Ocean’s 8 and boy was I disappointed. It was an awesome cast – Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling etc- but completely disappointing. Blanchett in particular was so underused. It wasn’t very clever and it strangely lacked tension – all the issues that cropped up were very easily solved. For eg, they needed a part, and tada one of the members just happened to have a genius sister who can engineer such a device. If this was the very first Ocean’s movie, it may have been ok. But how could this follow the first three? I mean, sure, it barely has anything to do with the original except that Bullock is Danny Ocean’s sister (and two original cast members appear) but with three exciting and relatively smart movies preceding it, this was such an utter letdown.


Hot pot for dinner


Yuzu sake


To be honest I’m just excited that I don’t have to pack lunch on Thursday and Friday and haven’t a bloody clue what I’m cooking this week. I did however pick up some hamachi Kama (yellowtail cheek) from the Asian supermarket (6 big pieces for about $35) and will be grilling some. Just not today as I’m not turning on my oven in this heatwave!

Last week:

I read:

The totally awesome Hulk. Vol. 1, Cho time – Greg Pak
Peasprout Chen, Future Legend of Skate and Sword – Henry Lien
Save Me the Plums – Ruth Reichl
Unmarriageable – Soniah Kamal
I posted:

Homemade chocolate ice-cream #WeekendCooking

Moon Rush: The new Space Race by Leonard David #TLCBookTours

Library Loot (June 5 to 11)

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  1. I hear you on the driving back and forth multiple times a day. My son’s high school has a block schedule on some days but not others. My daughter’s school has Wednesday half days. It’s a rare day when I can pick them up in the same trip out. My weekly update


  2. It’s so good you are helping the boys carry on speaking Chinese. The food looks incredible – it’s ages since I’ve eaten porridge, you can’t get it round here so I have to hope that my mum has made some if I ever go round, although that’s not often as we are the only two in the family who like it.


  3. I make lunches for my four on a Sunday afternoon. Two have sandwiches, 1 has scrolls, 1 has wraps. I refrigerate 2 days worth and freeze the rest for the week. It makes it much less stressful for me, I even keep it up on holidays.

    Have a great reading week


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