It’s Monday

We were down in LA last week, returned on Tuesday afternoon, and as a result, I didn’t post my usual Monday update!

We had a great time in LA. On our previous trips down to SoCal (San Diego, Palm Springs), we just did a quick stop in LA for the day, so it’s been a while since we’ve actually stayed there.

The boys were excited about going to Universal Studios. We’ve been to the one in Singapore before but Singapore doesn’t have Wizarding World! The boys have listened to the audiobooks of the whole series, and watched the first two movies, so they were happy to be in Harry Potter land.

And it is really very impressive to enter first Hogsmeade – I love that the rooftops are all covered in ‘snow’. There’s Honeydukes and the Three Broomsticks and Ollivander’s. And then there is Hogwarts. And you get to walk into Hogwarts and take a fun ride called The Forbidden Journey. Well except if you’re not tall enough (48 inches min), like my 6yo…. But you still can walk through the castle. He instead rode the Flight of the Hippogriff which is a small rollercoaster and quite fun.

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Also, the park is rather clever as you can buy interactive wands that allow you to cast spells around Hogsmeade, for instance, that makes the box open to reveal a chocolate frog, or lights up the lamps, or makes the big gate unlock. The non-interactive wands are just a few dollars cheaper but really, what’s the point of that?


We also had tons of eating done. Not just at the theme park (more on that in a proper post), but we had such great Thai food, Korean food in LA! I still dream of that handmade cold soba – it’s hard to find a place specializing in soba here! We are surrounded by ramen shops. I’m not a big fan of ramen, it’s fine once in a while but it tends to be rich and salty. I like the cleaner taste of soba. You can see my post on what we ate in LA here





Still taking my time with this one




I’ve started watching Stranger Things. Very behind I know!


Nothing at the moment



Homemade baguette with butter.


Yorkshire Gold tea with milk for breakfast


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The Siren Depths – Martha Wells

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