Books read in June

In June, I traveled far and wide via my reading!

Some places I explored in books were Tahiti, Alaska, Korea, Germany, India, and some were set right here in California.

Peasprout Chen, Future Legend of Skate and Sword – Henry Lien
Moon Rush – Leonard David
The Professor – Charlotte Bronte
Save Me the Plums – Ruth Reichl
Unmarriageable – Soniah Kamal
My So-Called Bollywood Life – Nisha Sharma
The totally awesome Hulk. Vol. 1, Cho time  – Greg Pak
Kid Gloves: Nine months of careful chaos – Lucy Knisley
Tiare in bloom – Celestine Vaite
The Siren Depths – Martha Wells
If You Leave Me – Crystal Hana Kim
The Snow Child – Eowyn Ivey
The Aftermath-  Rhidian Brook
The Proposal – Jasmine Guillory
Sadie – Courtney Summers
A Fire Story – Brian Fies


  1. I love reading snowy books in the heart of summer. So helpful! (The Eowyn Ivey – such a gorgeous story too.)
    Hope you’re finding lots of good reading in July as well.


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