South Pole Station by #BookBeginnings #Friday56


Do you ever have pain in your chest unrelated to indigestion?

Are you often sad?

Do you have digestion problems due to stress?

Do you have problems with authority?

How many alcoholic drinks do you consume a week? A day?

Would you rather be a florist or a truck driver?

True or false: I like to read about science.

True or false: Sometimes I just feel like killing myself.

(It’s a bit long I know, but I think that this quotation works far better if I include the last line)



Cooper climbed back up the sloping granite outcropping and looked down at her feet, at the bones of the continent. It seemed as if everything around her – the spiny arms of the pines bent over the water, the crackle of the fire she hadn’t let die in the night, even the persimmon clouds of dawn – had receded completely. The silence was crystalline.



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