It’s Monday! (let’s do this again)


So I forgot to actually update the post with things that did happen. And then I forgot that I had scheduled the post to be posted at 7am as I always do. And I forgot that it was indeed a school holiday and I wouldn’t be up at the usual 6am and checking my phone. Instead it was a leisurely breakfast of leftovers from our Sunday breakfast out at a local diner. It wasn’t the usual rush-rush-rush to get kids ready and eating breakfast and getting them to get their bags ready and lunch ready and out the door by 8.

What I’m trying to say is, OOPS.

And so here’s some stuff we did last week!


At the kids’ favourite playground, the 6yo decided to take advantage of the lack of kids (it was before 9 on a Saturday) and “meditate” on top of the sabercat. He cracks me up.



An article about ramen eateries in the Bay Area had us all longing for ramen. It was also a suitably chilly day and so ramen it was! This ramen has the usual chashu pork and onsen egg as well as butter clams and prawns. My kids love clams and so I only got to eat one.

It’s been feeling a lot more autumn-ish this past week!


Back at our local xiaolongbao place. Not as delicate and perfect as Din Tai Fung but hey there’s no ridiculous queue and it’s so much cheaper!






Smoke Gets In Your Eyes: And Other Lessons from the Crematory – Caitlin Doughty

Here And Now and Then – Mike Chen


The Great Festive Baking Show (Netflix)

This is where they bring back past GBBO contestants for a fun Christmassy special!


Nothing at the moment. Just finished Ariel Levy’s The Rules do not Apply



Pancakes and French toast




Last night I made a cabbage and sausage Mac and cheese. It was delicious!

Last week:

I read:

Royal Holiday – Jasmine Guillory
The Avant Guards vol 1 – Carly Usdin
A Breath of Snow and Ashes – Diane Gabaldon
Rules do not apply – Ariel Levy

I posted:

Library Loot (November 6 to 12)



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    1. I don’t know about DTF in the U.K. but the ones in Singapore and California are always very consistently good. I’ve never had a bad meal at DTF and their dumplings are always perfectly made and with such good meat used too. I say that because sometimes with cheaper XLB places the pork is rather well porky, if you know what I mean.


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