Christmas cookies #WeekendCooking

It’s Christmas cookie making season again!

I’ve gone a slightly different route this year. I’m still making gingerbread cookies as I do with the kids each year (we make the recipe from King Arthur Flour – so delicious!)

But I wanted to try out some different recipes as well. Last year I made Meyer lemon biscotti  and vanilla biscotti. 

So here are some new-to-me recipes that I’ve been trying out!

Matcha Shortbread cookies (recipe from Wild Wild Whisk)

I love the green tea flavour of this one. And the colour is great for Christmas trees!

Sesame Sea Salt cookies (original recipe from Dorie Greenspan’s Dorie’s Cookies)

These cookies are almost savoury. I really like the flavour of this one. And hopefully others will too. They are really nice and buttery and there is some almond flour in them.

Citrus shortbread cookies (original recipe from the NY Times)

I have to thank Beth for this one! I first saw the link from her Weekend Cooking post. And because I had some (sadly unused) cookie stamps, I knew I had to make this!

I adapted the recipe slightly to use only our homegrown Meyer lemons, instead of the orange and lemon combination. The dough balls have to rather heavily floured before using the stamps, which tend to be hard to remove dough from! So it took quite a bit of time to make.

The cookies are glazed with more citrus! I loved the very lemony flavour in both the glaze and biscuit. They are also quite delicate so I decided not to put these in the shipment to the husband’s mentor.

What are your favourite Christmas cookies?



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  1. Oh fun that you made the stamped cookies! I haven’t baked much this year . . . both a good and bad thing (if you know what I mean).


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