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 It’s been a drier January than last year. We did see some fog last week and a bit of a drizzle but not really all that rain that we are always looking out for!

It was Super Bowl yesterday, in case you’re not into that kind of thing. I watch for the ads. And the snacks. I was mainly crocheting. My 8yo was very into it this year. Maybe it has something to do with all those STEAM field trips to the 49ers stadium (which is near us) that they do for the schools here. They learn about sport science and even do some math apparently – even the transportation to and from the stadium was provided in air-conditioned buses.

We had friends from out of town visiting us, they were driving up from Anaheim to Seattle and it was nice to see them and ply them with our favourite Pakistani food. Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of it. So here’s a photo of my lunch on Sunday instead.

Bento box with saba, tempura, and sashimi

And here’s my latest crochet project, an African Flower hexagon cushion cover.






Wilder Girls by Rory Power
Night Sky with Exit Wounds – Ocean Vuong



Next in Fashion

Ok I was so excited to watch this and yup, I binge-watched so many episodes and then more the next day! I’m a fan of Queer Eye and Tan France is my fave so was happy to see him in something else. And he’s got great chemistry with Alexa Chung. The contestants were surprisingly from all over the world – Mexico, the UK, Italy, China, South Korea, India, and of course the US. And also those judges! From Phillip Lim to Prabal Gurung to Public School. So awesome. I don’t think it was very fair to have the contestants compete in pairs for so long (six episodes!) though as some of them were complete strangers before the show while others had been friends for years. Some of them had very different styles and ways of working so I’m not sure if it was fair to be competing with those pairs who had known each other for years. But still it was an awesome show to watch and I think for a refreshing change for American reality TV competitions, the contestants seemed to genuinely care for each other, and even help each other out, even when they were supposed to be competing against each other!



 A green tea wafer cookie




Mondays are busy evenings for us as the 8yo has tennis class from 530-7 and by the time we get home it’s about 730. He has a big snack before we go and then dinner after. So usually we have leftovers but today I’m cooking some fried noodles, something that keeps well as I will cook before we leave and reheat after.

I was thinking of making pizza this week

Last week:

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Dreamin’ Sun vol 1 – Ichigo Takano
Dreamin’ Sun vol 2 – Ichigo Takano
Dreamin’ Sun vol 3 – Ichigo Takano
Dreamin’ Sun vol 4 – Ichigo Takano

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Library Loot (January 29 to February 4)

Weekend Cooking: Vegetable curry and coconut rice


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    1. You’ve started crocheting? Awesome! It’s tricky in the beginning but you’ll get the hang of it. I definitely had too tight tension and uneven stitches when I first started out. And I didn’t even figure out circles until quite a bit later! What have you been making?


  1. Ooh, I love that crochet pattern! I watched parts of the Super Bowl, but INSANELY turned it off in the third quarter and thereby apparently missed all the most exciting bits. I was excited to see the trailer for the upcoming Marvel TV shows though — I still don’t know what exactly to expect from those, but I’m interested to give them a try.


  2. That spooky weather looks amazing! Nothing like that here in California but we’ve got some vicious winds going about right now. And that Tempura looks yummy!


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