It’s Monday and it’s the start of week two of shelter-in-place


Week one got off to a slightly rocky start with us all getting used to homeschooling (the husband had already started working from home the week before that).

I posted a little bit about that here. 

As I write this on Monday 9am, the third grader is working on an English assignment and the 6yo is grumbling about doing his English schoolwork. The third grader is more used to more independent-style learning and online learning too, but it’s not been easy for the first grader.

The husband braved the supermarket over the weekend so we now have some more snacks (very important to these hungry kids), more flour and sugar (I was running out! Also I have to make a birthday cake for my 8yo will be 9 next week!) and I feel better about having a bit more supplies.


An unofficial home economics class


Trying to get a slight semblance of regular life but buying take out from the Kebab Shop. This was just a portion of their family pack! Delicious!





Mistborn – Brandon Sanderson

Ok I am LOVING this




Ugly Delicious


Nothing at the moment. I just finished Double Cup Love yesterday and am looking out for a new audiobook.



A chocolate oatmeal cookie





I made some freezer baked pasta (topped it with bechamel after taking the photo)

Maybe some chicken rice made in the rice cooker and with a premade Singapore – style Hainanese chicken rice paste.



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  1. Mmmmm! I especially love all your food pictures, but it’s fun to get a glimpse of family life, too! We homeschooled for five years way back, when our kids were little, and I’m enjoying all the Facebook jokes about parents unexpectedly and suddenly homeschoolers. Seriously, though, I feel bad for the kids who don’t have parents who can jump right in and take over their education, making the most of a bad situation. Now it’s just my husband and me, and no little ones to worry about.


  2. Pasta looks so good! We have been having stir fry for a while because it’s an easier way of using up the random ingredients we can get from the ransacked shelves. looking forward to tomatoes coming back into stock!


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