#WeekendCooking Lockdown week 2 meals

Basmati Bolognese

This was a lunch of leftovers. I had leftover basmati rice and leftover bolognese sauce. I combined them in a bowl and topped it with shredded cheddar. Zap it in a microwave and there’s lunch.

Sliced fish horfun

Horfun is a popular Singapore rice noodle dish with lots of yummy gravy. Typically there is beef horfun or seafood horfun but I had tilapia fillets I wanted to cook up, as well as spinach. The rice noodles used in Singapore tends to be the wider type, also freshly made, but I only had this medium-width dried rice noodles. So I soaked it in hot water until it softened a bit. Then fried it in a hot wok with some dark soy sauce for color and some regular soy sauce for flavor. Remove from pan. Stirfry some ginger then the fish slices which I had marinated in some soy sauce and white pepper. Remove from wok. Then add in some stock. I used bonito stock powder I had then added in some cornflour slurry to thicken. Then some baby spinach and beaten up egg to form a nice gravy. Dish out the noodles, pour out the gravy, top with fish slices. For a proper recipe, check out What to Cook Today. 



Tori no Karaage

My kids love to eat ramen and one thing they love to order at ramen restaurants is the karaage or fried chicken. Since we are stuck at home, might as well try a new-to-me recipe. I used this recipe from RecipeTin Japan, I had not realised that karaage is marinated in grated ginger. I didn’t have mirin so added some honey instead. It is deep fried twice, which apparently makes it juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. The family loved it!

Leftover short-grain rice = onigiri for dinner the next day. I mixed the rice with some chopped up bacon and furikake.


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  1. Those look like the kind of dish one never makes twice because the leftovers from a previous meal determine the contents. At this point I guess we are all using that technique so as not to waste anything and be sorry later.

    be well! … mae at maefood.blogspot.com


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