Recently read: Pigs Might Fly; Lying is Pretending #comics

Pigs Might Fly is a fun, pig-filled comic involving magic and engineering. Lily Leanchops is the daughter of an inventor and has built something her father hasn’t – an airplane that works using science (with maybe a protection spell to help it along). But the enemy Warthogs have flying machines full of powerful dark magic and they’re planning to take over Pigdom Plains. Can Lily and her aircraft stop them? A fun read!




Lying is Pretending by Dominique Goblet

This atmospheric, moody graphic memoir is full of beautiful and emotional illustrations that tells of a dysfunctional family. The illustrations feel very organic, in a way, the colors bleed into one another, the text is handwritten in different styles, the colors are muted and sepia-toned. For me, the storyline was a bit hard to follow in parts, a bit disjointed but still haunting. Goblet is a Belgian visual artist and I happened to come across this graphic memoir while browsing the ebook catalogue. I hadn’t heard of her before and after looking her up, learnt that she has quite a few graphic novels but it doesn’t look like any others have been translated into English. Pretending is Lying was translated into English by NYR Comics in 2016. Hopefully they will publish her other books?

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