Lunches are hard #WeekendCooking


I’ve been thinking recently of how the shelter-in-place has affected our relationship with food. Like many others, we are trying to keep our grocery store visits to the minimum. Last week, we had our first ever somewhat successful Whole Foods delivery. We are not really Whole Foods shoppers, partly because the parking lot is always terrible, and partly because I tend to shop at Asian supermarkets. So it was a learning curve, ordering groceries online from a store we don’t usually patronise. There were items that went out of stock when the delivery times were available, and when we went back to add them in, no more delivery times. But the husband was lucky on Sunday morning and we received our first delivery a few hours later, missing quite a few things, and getting far less chicken drumsticks than I wanted (just over 1 pound instead of 3!). And also the limitations on staples like flour.

I’ve been focusing more on produce that keeps better, like broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, carrots. Surprisingly, the asparagus has kept well too.

Generally, dinners are ok. I am fine cooking dinners, as that is something I always do. I am glad the family is ok with all the random things that I come up with. Sometimes it’s noodles, sometimes rice and dishes like one meat, a vegetable, a soup (which is what I grew up on in Singapore although my mum cooked fish a lot more often than I do), a lot of pasta dishes, some casserole type things like shepherd’s pie.

But it’s the lunches I find harder. Maybe because I typically like to eat sandwiches for lunch. Or soup. I would be happy having a sandwich every day, except that it’s not exactly a good idea to have processed meat so often. Especially when it comes to the kids. So we’ve been trying to mix it up a little bit, egg salad one day, ham sandwich another day, clam chowder, tomato soup. Some days the kids might have chicken nuggets.

The other day, I decided to try making flatbread, something new. The 6yo was eager to try kneading the dough.

I used this recipe from Recipe Tin Eats and it was super easy, just flour, butter, milk, and salt. It rests for just half an hour and cooks on the cast iron pan on the stovetop. I made just the amount that the recipe calls for (4 flatbreads), but next time I may make another batch or two to keep in the fridge. The flatbread actually tastes a little like roti prata, which is a popular South Asian dish in Singapore, eaten with curry. After this successful run, I’ve got my eye on this recipe for Spiced beef flatbread, Chinese-style. And this one for Gozleme, a Turkish flatbread.



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  1. We have also been eating salads for lunch, as well as the types of sandwich-soup meals you mentioned. I make extra cooked vegetables (like broccoli or green beans) and store it in a vinaigrette to be ready for lunch salads. And there’s always cottage cheese. It’s undoubtedly harder with kids. I love the picture of the 6 year old kneading bread.

    be well… mae at

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    1. Great idea to cook extra vegetables. I just did that last night with some broccoli and the kids ate it with their pizza today for lunch. Thanks!


  2. We have always tended to eat leftovers for lunch. Sometimes if we are out of leftovers, we will have a sandwich, a wrap or pasta salad. Something we had often when my kids were growing up was bean and cheese burritos, quick and easy.

    The flat breads look really good! They remind me of the tortillas I made one time.

    Thanks for sharing!

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  3. We are used to organising breakfasts and dinners, so sometimes lunches are a bit of an afterthought. We’ve had toasted sandwiches a couple of times, and leftovers are good.

    I do like the idea of trying to make roti to have with a curry.

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  4. Mine aren’t that fussed about lunch! I have a weird other way round problem – we live on a High Street and the bread and cheese shop owners are very stressed having to work harder to make deliveries while keeping the shop fronts open as well, so I tend to buy a lot of bread and cheese to support them. I’m not sure it’s that healthy though.

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  5. Those flatbreads remind me of Indian chappatis! They look delicious! I’m jealous because gluten-free flour doesn’t behave well for making homemade bread, which my husband and I both used to love to make. We eat a lot of salads at lunch, but we’re going to have to get creative, because we’re very low on salad greens.

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  6. Lunches are hard for us now too because we’re used to eating leftovers from dinner for lunch. But now we save leftovers for another dinner. Hummus, walnut butter, and cheese are getting very boring. LOL

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