are for waking before 6 to the rattling of the garbage trucks.

are for 9am Zoom sessions for the 3rd grader.

are for updating my Library Loot posts before they post tomorrow, although on better days I do it on Sunday

are about working with the kids on their schoolwork, like it was yesterday, like it will be tomorrow, the day after, the day after.

are for a lot of cajoling and persuading in order for the 1st grader to get to doing his work.

are for lots of break times and shooing them outdoors in order to get some sunshine and fresh air and exercise and a break from the screen.

are for suddenly realising it’s 11 and that I have no idea what’s for lunch – hey, except this week, when I’ve decided we are going to have porridge today, as I had some fish to cook up, and I have already rinsed my rice and left it soaking in the pot and it’s not even 10am.

are for lots of caffeine in a variety of methods – black tea with a splash of milk first thing every morning, coffee about mid-morning, green tea for the rest of the day, and an occasional chocolate-covered coffee bean.

are for wondering, now what day is it again?

are for being grateful for the Internet, enough space for the kids to take part in basketball class (via Zoom), for a dishwasher, for a fridge full of produce (although I’m running out of milk), for patience, for love, for togetherness while being apart.

(Of course a lot of these are things that happen every day and not just Tuesdays).


    1. When I read your comment I was under the impression it was Friday but then it was only Wednesday which means that today as I’m typing this reply, it is still not yet Friday and alas, my dreams have been crushed.



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