It’s Monday (June 15)

Hello and it’s Monday again!

News from the Bay Area – we are gradually opening up. Childcare, summer camps, social bubbles! Essentially, childcare is now available for everyone, not just essential workers, of course centres have to abide by lots of rules. Same for summer camps. And social bubbles are a group of 12 or fewer people from different households, maintained for at least 3 weeks eg 3 different families of four can meet up. I think restaurants will be allowed to start outdoor dining this week, along with retail, but with limited crowd sizes.

But so far, my family has not done things any different from the past few months. Our county has over 4,000 cases and I’m still not sure about how things are, since testing is still limited. Also, following news in Asia and reading about how lockdown measures have returned to Beijing,  I don’t feel comfortable yet about going about and doing all these things.

How are things where you are?

Meanwhile, some things from last week..

The kids and I made pizza for Friday dinner.

Our usual Pakistani-Indian takeout – mixed veg curry, lamb curry, saag dal, saag paneer. Also tandoori fish and tandoori chicken leg. And garlic and plain naan.

We picked up some Beyond Burgers from Costco – not bad! We’ve also tried the Impossible Burger (at a burger joint), and burgers from The Meatless Farm (bought at Whole Foods). The Beyond Burgers were not too bad!




It was the last day of third grade and first grade last Wednesday. Both classes had virtual class parties. The third graders had each done a home diary video, highlighting some things they had done over the past few months’ Shelter-in-Place. They spent the time watching everyone’s videos together, then at the end they each had a “surprise” treat (prepared by the parents that is), sang a Chinese song together (it’s a Mandarin immersion program in a public school), and then blew out the candle. It was both a sweet and sad ending to this unusual school year.




Once Ghosted, Twice Shy – Alyssa Cole


The latest season of Queer Eye


Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky


Homemade tangzhong raisin bread



Last week:

I read:
Stepping Stones – Lucy Knisley
This is Paradise – Kristiana Kahakauwila


I posted:

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  1. I went on infection control training last week, virtually. Now I am not comfortable with going out more than I need to, because once you realise the problems with so much washing that needs to be done to prevent surface to surface transmission, it’s less hassle to stay at home. I think you are right about the second wave too. My friend and I were discussing Costa Rica. They locked down so quickly and well they didn’t have much of a first wave but now they are having more. My friend said, so is this not their first wave? Anyway, in the UK we have been so bad at keeping the numbers down surely it will just get worse now.


  2. Lord, I am so nervous about what’s going to happen with COVID this summer. I continue to feel really angry that the whole country made sacrifices and went on lockdown to buy the government time to deal with this crisis and the government just… got bored and gave up.

    On the bright side: I forgot there was a new season of Queer Eye! YAY!


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