It’s Monday (June 22, 2020)

Whee! Week one of summer break is done with…nine (I think) weeks to go!

How have we filled our days? With some baking and cooking, some chores, lots of reading and screen time (the boys are into Minecraft, Pokemon Go, they also like to do some coding games, and I get to work on some educational websites like Brainpop and IXL).

We actually met up with classmates at a park. It was very proper, we kept it to under 12 people (4 families), wore masks, stay outdoors, tried to keep our distance (at least the adults managed, it was a bit harder for the kids. The 9-year-olds joked about how they could play 6 feet tag or get the parents to tag the kids. The 7-year-olds were off doing their own thing under the trees, trying to climb trees, running around, tiring themselves out). It was nice to have them spend a couple of hours with their friends, and also for me to hang out with the parents (we all have two kids in the same grades, and in the same Mandarin immersion programme, of which there are only two classes in each grade, so it’s a close-knit community).

This week, the kids are doing a free virtual art camp. Hope they’ll find it fun.

Meanwhile, last week…


One thing we’ve been doing every day (or almost every day) is taking a walk together.


One of their friends had a Minecraft birthday party. The kids played Minecraft together for 2+ hours while also on Zoom. They had a blast!



Saturday night sushi



Picked up some beauties from the farmers market.







The Glass Hotel – Emily St John Mandel



Upload on Amazon Video.

After seeing the trailer a few times (Amazon likes to put them in front of other shows you’re watching), I decided to watch the first episode and I was surprised to discover that I really liked it. It’s an interesting concept – when people die, they get “uploaded” to a virtual community, kinda like a retirement village of sorts. The main character is a woman working as an “angel” or customer service rep for the company, helping out the various uploads in the community. Her latest client is a young guy who died mysteriously in a self-driving-car crash. The new tech is all relatively relatable, something I could easily see in our nearish future although the show is set in 2033 and I doubt a lot of it will be available by then! The show is admittedly a bit bleak (since it’s full of characters that are essentially dead), but then again I was a fan of things like Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies (featuring reapers, a guy with the ability to revive dead things – including people). 


Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. I’m really enjoying this audiobook, narrated by Anthony Heald who delivers it very much like a stage play.


Homemade pandan cake


Tea with milk

Last week:

I read:

Once Ghosted, Twice Shy – Alyssa Cole
Mooncakes – Suzanne Walker

I posted:

Library Loot (June 17 to 23)

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