It’s Monday (July 13, 2020)

It was my birthday this past weekend!

Well, with the situation as it is, we kept it simple, but did go a bit further to pick up lunch and the cake the husband had ordered. We went into Mountain View, where one of the main roads has been closed to traffic and turned into a large outdoor dining area. We didn’t eat there but took the food home to eat, as we are still being extra cautious about being out.

We had lunch from Doppio Zero:

  • squid ink pasta with seafood
  • oxtail rigatoni
  • pizza with rapini, burrata, Calabrian chili
  • pizza with burrata, arugula, prosciutto
  • fried calamari and shrimp

Also, this cake from Alexander’s Patisserie which may look familiar if you’ve followed this blog for a while, as the husband has ordered it three years in a row for my birthday. It’s that good – and that sinful, so only a small slice for each of us.

For dinner, we had delicious Malaysian/Singaporean food, as well as Burmese food.

What a delightful birthday!



Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia


Old Guard on Netflix


A bagel for breakfast




For dinner tonight, spinach and meatball pasta

Last week:

I read:

Beyond Magenta – Susan Kuklin

Braised Pork – An Yu

I posted:

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  1. What a great birthday! Mine isn’t until October, but I wonder what we’ll be able to do by then?????
    I hadn’t heard of either of the books you read last week, but they sound interesting!


  2. Those are my favourite noodles! I’ve just been having the egg noodles recently but that has reminded me I could make those ones this weekend. I have time for something a bit different now our school has broken up. And a beautiful mirror cake! I have tried but mine glaze never comes out as precise all over.


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