Dim Sum of All Fears

This is the second book in the series, the first was Death by Dumpling. And Lana Lee is back but this time she is (gasp!) put in charge of the restaurant while her parents visit her grandmother in Taiwan. She’s not exactly thrilled about that. But worse news are to come – her friend Isabelle, who works at the new business next door, and her husband are found dead.

An enjoyable read with some interesting twists that I wasn’t expecting! The different characters that are involved in the series (set in a strip mall full of Asian-owned businesses in Ohio) are what make this series for me. I did however find the romance part a bit awkward, maybe it will be discussed more in the next book?

A fun cozy mystery that will make you want to eat some dim sum and drink tea


  1. I’ve been on a cozy mystery kick (well, collecting ones to read but not actually getting to many of them yet lololol) and this series sounds fantastic! Love your photo, btw.


  2. Such a cute teapot! ‘Tis the season for pleasantly distracting reads – this sounds like a fun series.


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