I’m thankful for…#TopTenTuesday

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is:

I’m Thankful for…

Gosh, this year… this year is a year to be thankful for all the little things.

I’m Thankful for…

Good health

I’m so glad that none of us have been sick, including our families in Singapore – which of today’s writing (November 22, 2020) had no local transmissions for more than a week now. Also, a total of just 28 deaths from this virus (the county I live in has 490 deaths – it also has a population of 1.67 million, compared to Singapore’s 5.6 million).

Good teachers

Our teachers have been working hard to teach the kids. They’ve been using fun online tools to teach, coming up with crafts that are doable at home and prepping the materials so parents can pick them up from school. It’s not easy having to teach 20+ students (my kids are in 2nd and 4th) via the Internet so I am grateful for them.

Good Internet

Speaking of which, I am grateful for the Internet, or specifically, good Internet. We recently switched to AT&T and hooray it comes with HBO Max so that’s a bonus!

A roof over our heads and food in the fridge

It’s so sad to see those news articles and news photos of cars in line for supplies given away at food banks. This Bay Area article is from a few months ago, but I can only imagine that the lines are the same, if not longer. And here’s one from Texas with thousands of cars in line. So I am grateful that we have a home and can afford to go grocery shopping.


Most of my reading is via ebooks these days. Our libraries are still closed although open for contact-free pick-ups, but I still haven’t yet used that service.

Getting a break from distance learning this week

Distance learning is HARD, you guys. It is hard to keep two boys motivated to stay on track, to pay attention to their Zoom classes. I am so glad we don’t have to do that this week!

All the streaming things

Netflix. HBO Max. Disney+ (I pre-signed up for this at a great discount!).

All the baking and cooking

I was already a person who baked and cooked before the pandemic started but in the past few months I have been trying out new recipes, such as:

Chocolate cherry loaf

Plum cake

Singapore-style carrot cake

Lemon Meringue Pie

Strawberry milk, and gula Melaka chiffon cake

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  1. I’ve always thought teachers were rock stars, but man, they’ve had QUITE the time this year. I’m constantly amazed by their creativity and resourcefulness. My mom is a retired teacher, so I know how much sacrifice the profession requires. I’m definitely grateful for those who do so much to teach our kids! P.S. Good luck with distance learning. It’s not easy on kids, teachers, or parents.

    Happy TTT!



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