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Oh I meant to check in and join in with A Month of Faves, but I hadn’t seen it on GirlXOXO earlier. Looks like they had posted it on Instagram though! I’m going to see if I can muster the will to put up posts from the earlier topics, but I’ll start with this one…

This is the topic for Dec 11: 

Favorite Things [Daily Life Edition]

Because this is a year in which to celebrate the everyday things. 

It’s been strange year to say the least.

We are fortunate to have been healthy and safe, to have a roof over our heads, and not need to worry about if we can afford groceries. So our problems have been minor compared to those of many out there. 

We had to cancel plans to visit Singapore, so this is the first time in which the kids haven’t seen their grandparents for a whole year. Every year since the boys were born, at least one grandparent has made a visit  (a 17+ hour flight mind you, and it was longer before they launched the direct flight). The last visit was when my mum was here for Christmas in 2019, which seems like years ago. 

But for me, not being able to be back this year was especially sad because my grandmother passed away in October. This means that the last time I saw her was in August 2019.

Anyway, this post is about celebrating the little things.

Small things such as the husband working from home, so he actually gets to see the kids for more than an hour or so a day. He used to leave the house at 630 to catch the Bart into the city, and would most days return after 730pm, which meant we seldom ate dinner as a family, and the kids hardly saw him. So if there’s one bright side to all these stay home restrictions, that is one thing. 

New Eats

I tried plenty of new recipes this year. You can have a look at all my food-related blog posts here

Yes, I finally gave sourdough bread a try. I made lemon meringue pie (the first time was a bit of a failure with too-runny filling but the second was awesome!).

I also tried out more Singapore-style foods like Singapore-style carrot cake (it’s not a sweet cake but a savoury dish!) and a gula Melaka chiffon cake. Also pork floss bunsEven my Christmas cookies this year were more Asian-flavoured like red bean crinkle cookies.

As usual, I made everyone’s birthday cakes. For the 9yo, a strawberry-frosted funfetti cake. For the 7yo, a chocolate-frosted funfetti cake. And for the husband, a Black Forest cake. With the leftover homemade cherry preserves going into a dark chocolate cherry loaf

As I’m going through these posts, I was kinda surprised at the many new things that I tried making this year. Bagels! Flatbread! (So weird boiling dough though). 

Grocery delivery

We even tried out grocery delivery for a while, as I’m sure many of you did. I especially liked shopping from Weee! an Asian grocery outfit. I like their variety and the surprising freshness of their produce. 

Fresh Air


Besides being at home because of Covid-19, we were also stuck home for a long time this summer because of the wild fires in the area. It was really bad this year as one of huge fires was actually in the city I live in. Some of our friends had to pack their bags in case they had to evacuate (luckily they didn’t). We weren’t directly affected as we don’t live in or near the hills, but the kids had to stay indoors for quite a few weeks as the air quality was horrendous. So I am grateful that we have two air filters. And the husband had bought me the Ringfit game for the Nintendo Switch, so the kids were happy to play with it for some exercise. 

If you look at the photo above, that was the day we woke up and the sky was orange. We had to have the lights on all day because the smoke was trapped under the marine layer. It was the weirdest, most apocalyptic sight. And it was also the day I learnt that my iPhone can’t take a photo of the orange light indoors. It kept correcting the colour and making it look normal. In the end, I had to download an app (Focos) so that I could adjust settings and take an accurate, actually orange picture.  

Other favourite things?

The Internet? I don’t know. Oh, maybe HBO Max! And Disney+ (which somehow I had the foresight to prepay for 3 years at such a good price, especially since now they’re increasing the fees!).

So I tried out New Horizons when it came out, and it was cute and fun. But I got a bit bored with it after a while. And started playing Pocket Camp which is the free mobile phone version. It’s a fun and adorable distraction. And yes, I have a library at my campsite!

What about you? What were your favourite things this year?


  1. One of my favourite things was seeing all the amazing things you cook whizz into my feed each week! Bagels are fiddly and I wouldn’t even contemplate the maintenance of a sourdough. Not to mention how pretty your cakes and dinners are.


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