It’s Monday (March 15, 2021)


The boys and I made mixed berry muffins



Made some honey walnut bread.


Miso-marinated mahi-mahi which we ate with rice and stir-fried bokchoy



I also made a blueberry pie for Pi Day! I’ll have to write a post for this. So many things went wrong, but at least I made a pie for Pi Day!



The kids have discovered a new love for zhajiang mian(炸酱面)which literally translated is “fried sauce noodles” but that sounds weird and I wonder why it’s named that way. It’s more of a black bean sauce with ground pork with fermented soybean paste. Served with cucumbers and bean sprouts. It’s also a popular Korean-Chinese dish and in Korean it’s known as jajangmyeon although it’s black bean noodles there? It’s not something I grew up eating in Singapore so I’ve not tried to make it before. Another recipe to try then!





The Down Days – Ilze Hugo

The Resisters – Gish Jen


Finally, I’m starting on The Magicians season 5. Also, I just watched the first episode of Lupin last week! Fun show! 


Shuggie Bain by Douglas Stuart


Blueberry pie


Oolong tea


I’ve got a cauliflower to roast.

My kids watched a Tasty video of potato recipes and are trying to convince me to make this one – Breakfast Potato Volcanoes. I only have Yukon golds at the moment so they might not be big enough (they use russets in the video). Or maybe they might work if there are bigger ones in that bag? I’ll have to look. I’ll post it if I make them!

We are in for a colder week this week, with hopefully some rain, so I’ll make some baked pasta or something. Maybe some tomato soup. Something nice and warming. 

Last week:

I read:


The Princess and the Fangirl – Ashley Poston

Our Happy Time – Ji-young Gong

Punching the Air – Ibi Zoboi and Yusef Salam

Traces of Love – Eileen Chang


I posted:

Two books about incarceration

The Shadow King and The First Wife

Library Loot (March 10 to 16)

Books that feature cleaners #TopTenTuesday

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    1. Zhajiang mian is really delicious. And the restaurant we got it from makes their own noodles. So even better! Although we learnt that fresh noodles make for terrible leftovers..


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