It’s Monday (May 24, 2021)

Happy Monday! Oh we are almost at the end of May already…The kids have just a couple of weeks of school left!

How was your weekend?

We had originally planned to visit Singapore in summer. But the situation in Asia has gotten worse in the past few weeks. So we canceled our plans. So unfortunately, we won’t be seeing our families for yet another year…

Hopefully we can go back next year!

Meanwhile, I have to figure out what the kids will be doing in summer.

Some things last week:

A hot morning for playing tennis with friends. I took this photo while outside with my younger one – the only shade was outside the court under the trees. He said he was too hot and wanted a break.
Farmers market haul.
Since we can’t go back to Singapore, we had to go satisfy our need for some Singapore-style Hainanese chicken rice.
And the kids wanted pizza so we got from our favourite pizza place. It so happens to be an South Asian pizza place. So we had a half paneer masala.



The Avant-Gardes – Carly Usdin, Noah Hayes

Watching: The Veronica Mars movie. I had been browsing HBO Max and this was one of the movies that was leaving the streaming service. Somehow I hadn’t seen it before?? Which is interesting as I loved the series!

Listening: No books, just music.

Eating: Homemade waffles. I made plenty of extras yesterday. Some for the freezer. And some for today.

Drinking: Tea

Cooking: I want to make some pad thai. And maybe some beef rendang.

Last week:

I read:

Accidentally Engaged by Farah Heron
The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street by Karina Yan Glaser

I posted:

Library Loot (May 19 to 25)

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  1. Too bad about not visiting Singapore! We had high hopes for our Ireland trip, postponed from last August, but no. It was postponed again, to August 2022. At my age, though — 59-1/2! — a year seems to fly by. That pizza looks fantastic and I can’t remember if I watched the Veronica Mars movie or not…


  2. Home made waffles are so satisfying, I’m definitely glad I bought a waffle maker.
    Sorry about you not being able to visit your family, that is very sad.


  3. Schools here have been closed most of this year (I think there were a few weeks of opening in later winter, but I’ve lost track) and it seems highly unlikely they’ll reopen during the next three weeks, as the case numbers are slowing but the % of variants is increasing so we’re still mostly in lockdown (with take out, some parks reopen,some curbside stuff etc.) You also have strawberries already!? Wow! But at least I think we will have those soon…next week by the sound of the fields.


  4. Aw, so sorry you had to cancel your trip to see family 😦

    As always, your food pics are wonderful! Beautiful farmer’s market haul. And a South Asian pizza place?? Yum!!

    Your meal plan for this week sounds great, too. I’ve been meaning to make Pad Thai for a while, too, but it requires a trip to one of the Asian supermarkets nearby. Maybe in the next couple of weeks, while our son is back home for a bit.


    2021 Big Book Summer Challenge

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    1. Thank you. It’s disappointing but we will hopefully be able to go…. next year?? Will there finally be an improvement? I sure hope so…!

      I usually use this recipe for pad Thai, in case you’re interested. It saves me from having to get tamarind, because it’s not something I really use for anything else. It uses ketchup and vinegar! And actually tastes pretty good.


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