It’s um Wednesday? (June 30, 2021)

I skipped Monday’s post because we were on a road trip to Mammoth Lakes. Mammoth Lakes is a mountain town best known for being a ski destination, but it’s a great place to go in summer as well. It’s located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, and is closer to LA than the Bay Area. Bay Area people tend to go to Tahoe for ski/mountain stuff.

But wow, does Mammoth have some amazing views!

We first drove through Yosemite, out via Tioga Pass, stopping at Tenaya Lake for a quick lunch.


Also stopped at the Tuolumne Meadows.

This is the alkaline Mono Lake.

A rare selfie at Tenaya Lake.

Even the restaurants have great views! This is Mammoth Brewing Company. They make great beer and food. And more importantly, a really large outdoor eating area. We are not ready to eat indoors yet.
This is chicken confit with corn and jalapeño griddle cakes. So good! I also had a gooseberry sour, a seasonal beer that was really fruity and refreshing.
One of the many lakes that we visited in the Mammoth Lakes area. This is Twin Lakes.
Horseshoe Lake. Interestingly, the soil around the lake has a lot of carbon dioxide, and has resulted in the deaths of quite a few trees in the area. We went on a breezy day and didn’t notice anything weird about the air there.
The breathtaking views as we hiked around Convict Lake (a 3 mile loop). It’s named for the escaped convicts who found refuge here in 1871.
Probably the most well-known landmark is the Devil’s Postpile National Monument. It formed less than 100,000 years ago when a cooling lava flow cracked into multi-sided columns. We also hiked 5 miles (roundtrip) to the very pretty Rainbow Falls in the same park. It was hot and dusty but we got there and back.
Of course you can’t drive through Yosemite (which is the quickest route from Mammoth back to the Bay Area) without a photo of Tunnel View. There’s El Capitan on the left hand side, and that little point sticking out at the back is Half Dome.

Some things last week:




Watching: Hospital Playlist (new episode each week!) also Prison Playbook, which is by the same director

Listening: No books, just music.

Eating: Homemade scone for breakfast. Before the road trip, I did quite a bit of baking, so that we could bring some scones along for breakfast.

Drinking: Tea


We mostly had American food during our road trip, so I’ve been cooking Asian food.

Mushroom soondubu jigae. This has become like a comfort food for me.

Probably some noodles.

Last week:

I read:

A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow – Laura Taylor Namey

I posted:

Library Loot (June 30 to July 6)

Quicksand by Jun’ichirō Tanizaki

Operatic by Kyo Maclear and Byron Eggenschwiler

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  1. Wow! Incredible photos! I sure hope I get to see Yosemite some day! So beautiful.

    What are the slices of something in the picture with the Kindle book?

    That chicken confit looks so tasty!

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    1. Thank you! I hope you get to see Yosemite too. Entering the valley and seeing those towering beauties (and the waterfall) is always amazing. But I also really like the upper part of Yosemite (Tioga Pass).

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  2. I thought you had read the Coffee gets cold already? Maybe I read about it somewhere else.
    5 miles is good going for the boys, amazing that they have been able to have such an experience.

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