Favorite Places to Read #TopTenTuesday

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is:

Favorite Places to Read

I usually read in bed or on my sofa. So those aren’t exactly the most exciting places to read…

Instead, here’s a collection of great places I’ve read at. Or at least have picked up books at.

Books Actually, an independent bookstore in Singapore. Unfortunately, the actual store doesn’t exist anymore! It’s now online only. Which is a pity, as it was a lovely place to browse. Also it had a resident cat.
The inside of Books Actually
Singapore has some amazing libraries. This one is located in the Orchard Road shopping district. The library has two stories and is located in a shopping mall. I love the use of the lighting here. This library opened in 2014.
This is a different part of the same library (called library@orchard). This particular library doesn’t have a children’s section as its target audience is young adults. And it has a very big collection of design books.
Here’s a newer library, also one located within a popular shopping mall. Called library@harbourfront, it serves the southern part of Singapore (Singapore has 26 public libraries). This is the kids area.
A reading area overlooks the sea. There’s a walkway/bridge that connects to the island of Sentosa.
A bookstore in Phuket, Thailand
The lovely pool that each villa has. This is Sala Phuket. I would have spent more time outside reading, but there were mosquitos! It was the monsoon season when we were there (July 2018) so the first day it was raining the whole day. But luckily the next couple of days were ok (but really hot).
Closer to home, this is our local library. It’s located right next to the central park, and looks out to lovely greenery. Not as fancy as the Singapore libraries, but it has great librarians, and (before the pandemic) lots of fun events that are now mostly online.
And finally, here’s my own library. We converted our loft into a library, with a comfortable reading chair, sofa, and a wall of bookshelves!

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  1. Wow, such lovely places to read! I have a backyard pool, but I rarely read out there. It’s way too hot in the summer to be outside and not INSIDE the pool. Right now, the pool water is actually more like bathwater and we’re also having monsoon storms which make it really hot AND muggy outside. I’ll stay inside with the a/c roaring, thank you very much!

    Happy TTT!



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