Popular Books Worth the Hype – and some not #amonthoffaves

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So how to define popular books? Well, some of these books are on “best of” lists, others I came across on Instagram. So anyway, here are some books that seem to be popular (?) that I think are worth the hype.

Earthlings – Sayaka Murata

A bizarre book that’s not for everyone, but for me, completely unforgettable

Shuggie Bain – Douglas Bain

I listened to this one, and I really enjoyed the narrator. I guess his Irish accent really helped make this book come alive for me.

Crying in H Mart – Michelle Zauner

This memoir was honest and emotional.

The House in the Cerulean Sea – TJ Klune

Just delightful! It felt like a mug of hot cocoa on a chilly day.

The Love Hypothesis – Ali Hazelwood

A cute romance about scientists!

The entire Truly Devious series – Maureen Johnson

This series set in a private school was just so much fun. A mystery that’s decades old. Riddles and puzzles. A true-crime enthusiast.

Little Eyes – Samanta Schweblin

Another strange book that has these mechanical stuffed animals that have cameras for eyes and can be controlled by people. You can buy the stuffed animal or you can pay to become the stuffed animal, controlling it and watching what’s going on.

Luck of the Titanic – Stacey Lee

I just like books set on boats actually. But I especially love that this story is about the actual forgotten Chinese passengers onboard the ship.

Sharks in the Time of Saviors – Kawai Strong Washburn

I’m not usually a fan of magical realism but I really liked this book set in Hawaii.

NOT worth the hype

Milk Fed – Melissa Broder

It’s probably just me, because this book is on quite a few Best Of lists. I also DNF-ed The Pisces so well, I guess I’m not going to try reading anymore of her books.

The Midnight Library – Matt Haig

I get it, I think. I get why it’s so popular. I just felt very manipulated as a reader. Maybe the best way to describe it was that it’s very preachy? I did finish reading it though.


  1. I have Crying In H Mart on my library holds and I’m eagerly waiting for it to come in because I’ve heard so many good things about it.


  2. I loved Crying In H Mart. I can’t wait to read the sharks one. I did love the midnight library but I get what you mean. I think I needed to be preached and manipulated when I read it haha if that makes sense.


  3. You are not the only person I’ve heard describe The Midnight Library as preachy! For what that’s worth. Even people who like it have been like “yeah it’s kinda preachy but I was into it,” which makes me think it’s just not a book for me.


  4. Midnight Library is kind of preachy but Nora also wasn’t getting it, so it kind of worked for that alone I had mixed feelings about it as well, though, so I understand.

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