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#AMonthofFaves On the Screen or in Your Ear


This year, one show has never failed to cheer me up. Run BTS. If you’ve followed my blog, you may know that I’m quite a fan of the Korean band, BTS. I became a fan of them last year. I started listening to some of their songs (Spring Day is one of my ultimate faves). But then discovered that they have their own variety show. And it’s in their variety show where I learnt how funny they are. They play games, they learn new activities (table tennis, flower arrangement), have funny debates, race around trying to trick each other….Whenever I’ve got it on my tablet, headphones on, and I’m laughing or grinning away, my husband knows I’m watching Run BTS.

Reply 1988 and Hospital Playlist

Despite being a fan of BTS, I’ve not really watched much Kdrama. But I did enjoy these two series this year. Hospital Playlist is a new series, while Reply 1988 aired in Korea in 2015 and 2016. But they’re by the same writer and director. I really enjoy how these shows are about a group of people – Hospital Playlist is about a group of doctors who have been friends since medical school and Reply 1988 is about 4 families who live in the same street in 1988 Seoul.

Baking Impossible and School of Chocolate

I really like these two recent series on Netflix. Baking Impossible teams up an engineer and a baker (who’ve never met before the competition) to make some fascinating bakes that have to pass stress tests. Like a boat that actually floats and a robot that can make it through an obstacle course. And it’s edible! Amazing.

I had already followed chocolatier Amaury Guichon on Instagram before the show launched, so I had already known of his amazing creations. But I really like that it’s not a weekly elimination type of competition. That these chefs actually get to learn and grow.


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