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We had a bit of a whirlwind trip to Singapore in December. Winter break for the kids is only about two weeks here, so we usually don’t go to Singapore for Christmas. But since we hadn’t seen our families for 2.5 years, and Singapore had recently announced the Vaccinated Travel Lanes (where flights are only for vaccinated travellers and no quarantine period is needed), we had to go back.

Being on the Vaccinated Travel Lane required us to take rapid antigen tests for the first seven days. The first PCR test we had to do was at the airport. Days 3 and 7 were supervised rapid antigen tests at government centres. And the rest were done at home, with results submitted online, before we could leave the house.

We tried to minimise our movements to less crowded places for the first few days. But that didn’t mean the eating had to be minimised. Also, since it was the festive season, that meant Christmas Eve and Day dinners with families. And also New Year’s Eve and Day meals too. Here are some highlights of our 2.5 weeks there. 


Christmas Eve dinner featured ham, sausages, salads, smoked duck and more. 


Christmas Day lunch was British-style, with turkey, bread sauce, Christmas pudding. 




Christmas Day dinner. Lots of seafood! And my mum made pecan pie.


A lot of meals were takeout, to minimise any risks, especially since we stayed either with my parents or in-laws.

Fishball noodles


And the hawker centre stall that the fishball noodles came from. You can pick from the different types of fresh noodles (the flat type I had is called meepok) and whether you want it to be spicy. It also comes in a soup version.



One of my favourites – rojak. A kind of salad with pineapple, cucumber, mango, bean sprouts, youtiao,  jicama, grilled dried squid, and mixed with a kind of sweet sour sauce that has tamarind and shrimp paste. Also, satay in the background 

Modern Singapore food at Rempapa

Massive crabs. One was cooked with a chili crab sauce. The other is in an “imperial broth”. The fish noodles in the big box behind were really delicious too.



The Sweet Stuff


Loved this eclair-focused high tea with a friend at L’eclair Patisserie.


Being back in December-January meant that Lunar New Year favourites were available. The rolled up biscuits are known as love letters. They’re very thin and delicate. The flowers are kueh bangkit, which are made from coconut milk, tapioca flour etc to create a melt-in-your-mouth delight. 

It’s not so easy to find these fried pastries anymore. This one is known as butterfly bun. We also bought some goreng pisang (fried battered bananas).


I was also delighted to have mangosteens. One of my favourite fruits!


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