A Nearly Normal Family by M.T. Edvardsson

I borrowed this audiobook because of Richard Armitage but was instead wowed more by the other narrators Georgia Maguire, who narrated the daughter’s chapters, and Emily Watson, who narrated the wife’s chapters. 

The story opens with a court room scene and we learn that 18-year-old Stella is on trial for murder. 

The first third of the story is told from the father’s POV. Adam is a pastor and is determined to prove his daughter’s innocence, overstepping some boundaries while doing so. He’s rather overbearing. And I guess that’s why Armitage reads in a bit of an overbearing way (if that’s possible). 

But we move onto Stella, who is in prison. She’s quite an unreliable narrator. A rebellious teen who’s also got a vulnerable side; and the narrator conveys that well. 

The final third is told from the mother’s perspective. Ulrika is tough, a lawyer. Much of her section is told in the courtroom, as the story comes to a close. She also reflects on motherhood and her family and their relationships with each other. 

This worked well for me as an audiobook. It might have been a bit repetitive as a print read since it’s told from three perspectives, but as I can be a bit distracted when it comes to fictional audiobooks, it didn’t come off that way to me. I loved the very distinct voices by the three narrators. The audiobook was very compelling and kept me hanging on. I tend not to do well with fiction audiobooks but I enjoyed this one greatly. 


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