Pork rib and lotus root soup #WeekendCooking

I must be missing Singapore again, as I cooked some Singapore food this week.

Pork rib and lotus root soup

Lotus root is actually the stem of the lotus. I love its crunchy texture. Even after cooking it for a few hours, it remains crunchy. But it will start to discolour after peeling, so peel it just before cooking

This is one of my favourite Chinese-style soups. It’s easy to make but it does take a bit of time to cook. It would probably be faster if you have an instant pot, which I don’t.

Some recipes call for soaking the ribs for an hour. Others just require the bones to be blanched in boiling water. This helps to remove the blood from the ribs, and gives you a clearer soup.

But essentially, it’s a soup made from pork ribs, sliced lotus root (washed well and peeled), some slices ginger, and some salt and white pepper to taste. I simmered my soup on the stove for about four hours. And served it with some pan-fried miso-marinated salmon fillet, garlicky zucchini, and rice.

Pulut Hitam or black glutinous rice

My kids love this dessert. If you can find black glutinous rice, it’s really easy to make too. Please note that not all black rice is glutinous rice. So make sure the packaging states that it’s glutinous or sticky rice!

This is the type of black sticky rice I got from my local Asian supermarket.

It’s pretty much like making a porridge, just rinse the rice and then cook it with water, a bit of salt. When you rinse the rice, the water will remain purplish in color. That’s normal. This recipe uses 5 cups of water to 200 g of rice. Check on the water level regularly when it’s cooking and add more water if needed. I used my slow cooker and it took a few hours for the rice to break up and soften. Add sugar to taste. We like to serve it with coconut milk.

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