It’s Monday (April 25, 2022)

Happy Monday! My younger son turned 9 over the weekend, and also had a positive covid test the same day. Sigh. It was something I had been worrying about since we returned from Hawaii last week. The mask mandate on airplanes was still on when we flew to Hawaii but it was shot down a few days later. And at least half the people on the full flight back to the Bay Area were not wearing masks. We still kept ours on, but with a five plus hour flight, can’t avoid taking it off to eat and drink. So it’s unfortunate that he now has Covid. As of today, the rest of the family has tested negative, but we’ll keep testing over the next few days.

But, we did have a wonderful time in Hawaii. It was the kids’ first time to Hawaii and everyone’s first time to the Big Island. We went night snorkelling with the manta rays, saw the lava glow at the Volcano National Park, and lots of swimming and relaxing at the beach.

You can see more details and photos on my Big Island post.

Some things last week:



While Justice Sleeps – Stacey Abrams


The Walking Dead


Intimacies – Katie Kitamura

Eating and Drinking:

Jasmine tea. And a maple doughnut.


I’ll cook some simple meals this week. Noodle soup. Rice and dishes. I’ve got some asparagus and spinach to cook up. Some maybe I’ll turn that into pasta.

Last week:

I read:

The Hawthorne Legacy – Jennifer Lynn Barnes

The Love Con – Seressia Glass

Sea of Tranquility – Emily St John Mandel

Last Night at the Telegraph Club – Malinda Lo

I posted:

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  1. I’m sorry your son has CoVid, and what awful timing! I hope he recovers quickly. My16 year old was diagnosed on the first day of the school holidays. He has come through it well and was released from iso on Thursday, I’m glad we hadn’t made vacation plans.

    Wishing you a great reading week


  2. I’m sorry your son has covid. Hopefully, the rest of you will be able to avoid it. I would love to visit Hawaii someday but I am not eager to get on a plane anytime soon. Happy reading!


  3. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about your son…and on his birthday, no less! I hope the rest of you remain negative and he kicks Covid quickly!


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