It’s Monday (October 3, 2022)

Some things last week:

Ugh wasn’t the best weekend for me as I had a sore throat that turned into a bad cough. I did however test negative for covid though, so that’s a plus, I guess?

Dinner yesterday – while the rest of the family got to have some delicious dumplings (xiaolongbao, panfried dumplings, green onion pancakes and more), I had just one xiaolongbao and also this sliced beef noodles. The noodles and beef were fine but eh that soup wasn’t very good.
Rice porridge is always a good thing to eat when sick. I made stock with dashi powder, cooked some rice porridge in it. I recently watched a YouTube video where they stirred the porridge with a whisk to break down the rice grains more – after cooking for 20 minutes. And hey, that worked well. I’ve always made rice porridge the way my mum taught me, which was to add the washed rice grains in with cold water and cook it until the rice has broken down. So to watch that YouTube video, where the water is boiled first then the rice grains added after, was interesting.
Earlier in the week, I made vanilla ice-cream (using this recipe). Yup, it’s autumn, but it’s still warm enough here for t-shirts and ice-cream.



Love Marriage – Monica Ali


Great British Bakeoff


Fervor – Alma Katsu

Eating and Drinking:

Lots and lots of tea


We have leftovers from yesterday, thankfully. I am thinking of very simple meals the next couple of days. Tuna mayo rice with salad maybe?

Last week:

I read:

The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea – Axie Oh

Husband Material – Alexis Hall

I posted:

Library Loot (September 28 to October 4)

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  1. Hope your throat gets better soon. How can soup go wrong? It’s a good thing you were able to cook yourself some other yummy stuff – it looks great.


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