#WeekendCooking Spam Egg Rice Sandwich

So I’m not entirely sure what the official name of this is. I’ve seen it called a “folded kimbap” as well as “onigirazu”. Essentially it’s a “sandwich” of sorts made with seaweed, rice, spam, egg, and really, whatever filling you might want to put in that works well. The 9yo and I first came across this on the Cooking Haru YouTube channel.

The boys love spam and we ate so much spam musubi when we were in Hawaii, as it was quick and available at all the supermarkets.

Cooked some short grain rice. Cut a slit through a quarter of the seaweed (see the video for details), scooped rice onto the first bottom lefthand corner, added some sesame oil, green onions, sesame seeds, and kimchi. The quarter above gets two slices of fried spam, and some sliced cucumbers. I decided that was enough for me.

This one was for my son. He wanted to have it exactly like the YouTube video, so there’s rice, spam, some Kraft cheese, and a fried egg. The spam and cheese was salty enough so I didn’t season the egg. He later declared that it would be better without the cheese, and replaced it with cucumbers.

We wrapped up a couple of them for my 11yo, who has been at science camp in the mountains the past couple of days. It was a fun meal to try.

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