Eating Singapore 2022

Well, this post is several months late, but I wanted to chronicle some of the great food I ate when I was in Singapore in July and August. We were there for slightly over a month!

Singapore style seafood at Jumbo at Dempsey Road. Chili crab, deep-fried baby squid, Hokkien mee and more.
I have no idea what this place is called but it’s under a block of flats somewhere, and is a really good place for Singapore local food called “zichar”. There’s sweet and sour pork, beef horfun, butter crab, prawn paste chicken, and more.

Sushiro is a conveyor-belt sushi joint from Japan and seems to have sprung up so many branches in Singapore over the past few years. The variety and quality of the sushi is really good and we ate there several times.

The kids’ favourite Singapore food is satay.
Another Singapore treat is kueh pie tee. This is a cooked mixture of thinly sliced turnips and carrots inside a crispy tart shell. We had ours topped with half a prawn and some chili sauce.
This is roti prata which is eaten with curry.

Haidilao is a popular hotpot chain from China. It’s always crowded and when you wait for your table, you can sit outside the restaurant and have snacks and drinks.

While we have several Thai restaurants where we live, I find that Thai eateries in the US tend towards the sweeter side, except for those in Thai town in LA. I love Thai food and my friend recommended this one called Nakhon Kitchen. The food was delicious!

I love eclairs. This is a bakery that sells only eclairs and aren’t they such beauties?

Left to right: Lemon meringue, Earl Grey, Lychee white peach, dark chocolate

I met my friend at this place called Rhubarb. It had a lovely omakase lunch that started with these scallops and grapefruit.
Beautiful duck breast main.

And ended with this gorgeous tart

A fun restaurant in the downtown area called Holy Crab. Full of punny food names, like this one called Crabtree and Evelyn. Before the waiter cut up the broccoli, he said, ok you can all take photos first. It’s sitting in a beautiful crab sauce, hence the name.
But one of the best things to eat was surprisingly this salted egg yolk corn dish. So addictive.



  1. It would be difficult to get such well presented food in the English provinces. It would have to be a really fancy restaurant for the food to look like that. Everything looks so fresh too. It was funny that your children like satay, I remember that being one of the things I liked when I went to Malaysia when I was 8.

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  2. This is a timely post to me! We are stopping over in Singapore on the way home from Europe. We will only be there for a couple of days but I am tempted to add a stop at the eclair place to our itinerary!

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