It’s Monday (January 2, 2023)

Happy new year! I hope that this year will be a wonderful one, a healthy and safe one, one filled with delicious eats and awesome reads.

Some things last week:

Our New Year’s Eve dinner was Korean BBQ at home. We had pork belly, beef, three kinds of mushrooms, zucchini, and more.

In California, fourth graders (at least those in public schools) have to do a research project on the California missions. I mentioned last week that we went to visit the Santa Clara Mission, which is the mission that my 9yo was assigned. Coincidentally, his older brother had also been assigned the same mission! His brother had chosen to construct a diorama of the Mission and it was really quite a pain to do. So I gently nudged the 9yo towards something else. Luckily he was happy to do the cookbook, which is research the food eaten at the Missions, and write a cookbook with at least two recipes. I’ll write up a proper post on it later this week, but here’s a photo of the Pozole rojo we made.
We’ve been hit with rain, rain, and more rain over the past week. You may have read about closures of some major highways due to flooding. The Oakland zoo has to be closed due to a major sinkhole at their entrance! Luckily, we were fine here, just a lot of rain. Anyway, after being tired of staying at home, we took the kids out to lunch at a sushi conveyor belt eatery, then to the Barnes and Noble – there isn’t a big bookstore in our city, so we had to drive out to this one. It’s supposed to rain more this week too!
Rain = hotpot weather! So since we were already at the Korean supermarket to pick up some meat, might as well get thinly sliced pork and beef, and all the mushrooms and vegetables for hotpot. This time, tried different fish balls and fish tofu at HMart. Delicious!
Last week was our wedding anniversary, so we went out to this lovely Japanese restaurant. Their sashimi was fresh and delicious. I also really enjoyed the drinks we had. I had ordered a mango ginger for the kids, this is a ginger beer, mango puree, shiso leaf concoction. But they said it was too gingery, so I ended up drinking most of it. It was very refreshing!



Booked on a Feeling – Jayci Lee


Going to watch Glass Onion tonight on Netflix


Hooked by Sutton Foster

Eating and Drinking:

I made cream tea scones (recipe from King Arthur) last week to use up the heavy cream I had leftover from the Christmas cake. So I’m having one now with some tea.


We still have the Pozole leftovers from last night, so maybe I won’t have to cook tonight. Maybe we will make some shepherds pie tomorrow, using turkey instead of beef.

Last week:

I read:

Goblin Emperor – Katherine Addison

I posted:

Library Loot (December 28 to January 3)

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