It’s Monday (January 30, 2023)

Hey, it’s Monday again. Hope you had a great weekend!

Some things last week:

We tried out two new-to-us eateries. This Japanese eatery has a huge selection of rolls, it was so hard to decide. We also wanted to get some of the cooked food to try – chicken katsu with added vegetable tempura, and pork belly with added prawn tempura. I quite liked their Godzilla roll – it was crab salad and a tempura prawn inside and on top is spicy tuna and eel with wonton chips.

Another new-to-us place was this Thai eatery. The last time I ate Thai food was last summer in Singapore! The kids really liked this crispy tamarind glazed duck dish. That surprised me as the younger son definitely didn’t like eating duck previously. I like that the eatery provided options of “hot” and “Thai hot”. I like spicy food but even Thai hot is too spicy for me (same goes for Indonesian version of “hot”), so this way I know that I can order it “hot” but it won’t be numb-my-tongue, cry-my-eyes-out hot 😛
The 9yo had his first elementary orchestra concert. He’s been learning the cello since mid-September. I was quite surprised that they would put on a concert so early on, especially since the kids had all only just been playing for a few months. But they did it wonderfully.

Besides the elementary beginners, intermediate, and advanced bands, there were also performances by the junior high. The elementary bands are organised by the music teachers at the junior high, I guess to allow for more experienced kids by the time they enter junior high. I like that the elementary school kids get to see what they can possibly sound like in years to come.

Recently, I’ve been making boba at home. We found these boba packs at a Chinese supermarket and it’s super easy, just boil them in water. After that, I pop them into some sugar syrup, which keeps them from drying out.

Made some Chinese bakery-style hot dog buns, using tangzhong bread. Here’s an example of a recipe . My go-to tangzhong bread recipe is this one by Christine’s Recipes.




The K-drama Crash Course in Romance on Netflix. I liked the actor Jung Kyung-ho in Hospital Playlist (still one of my favourite all-time shows), and he’s great in this one too!


The Sixth Extinction – Elizabeth Kolbert

Eating and Drinking:

I’m typing this on Sunday afternoon for a change! I’m having some green tea and contemplating a slice of Castella cake.


Ah, the same question every week. What to cook for the week ahead? I have some cauliflower and broccoli to cook up. So maybe I’ll roast the cauliflower in the oven. And maybe since the oven will be on, grill some chicken drumsticks, marinated in soy-honey-garlic.

For the broccoli, I’ll cook it up with some pasta. And maybe some bacon?

Last week:

I read:

I’m glad my mom died – Jennette McCurdy

Why We Swim – Bonnie Tsui

Vladimir – Julia May Jonas

I posted:

Everything is Ok by Debbie Tung

Legends & Lattes

Library Loot (January 25 to 31)

Happy Lunar New Year#WeekendCooking

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  1. I always enjoy your gorgeous food photos! We ordered Thai takeout this weekend, too – Panang Chicken Curry and Pad Thai with Shrimp. We both love Thai food.

    I read The Sixth Extinction a couple of years ago – such a great book! Hope you enjoy that and your other books –

    Book By Book


  2. That is very organised to do your post on Sunday. Your plans for cauli and broccoli sound good – I guess you did that yesterday and possibly even today, it’s good to have something tasty to look forward to.


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