Hellbound vols 1 and 2 – Yeon Sang-ho

HELLBOUND VOL 1 and 2 by YEON SANG-HO, illustrated by CHOI GYU-SEOK, translated from the Korean by DANNY LIM

This two-part manhwa is set in Korea, where certain people are visited by a supernatural figure that tells they are bound for hell and how much time they have left. And when that time ticks down these terrifying monsters appear out of nowhere and end your life. We learn that these chosen people are ones who have committed crimes of some sort. So what happens is that religious groups (some are more like cults) start preaching that this is a sign from God and that everyone needs to repent for their sins. And they begin to take things into their own hands… 

So these hellish creatures, scary as they may be, aren’t the real monsters of this story. The real monsters are those walking the streets, driving their cars, eating and drinking, living and breathing human beings. It’s about how humans react and behave in the midst of this horror. 

HELLBOUND is also a 6-ep tv series on Netflix, that has been renewed for a second season. I haven’t watched the show yet though. And to be honest, I may not watch it now, knowing what the premise is. I’m happy to read horror but I prefer my tv to be less intense and more cheerful.


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