A to Z Challenge

A is for Ang Ku Kueh

B is for Bakkwa

C is for Chicken Rice

D is for Durian

E is for Egg Tarts

F is for Fried Rice

G is for Goreng Pisang

H is for Hokkien Mee

I is for Ice-cream Sandwich

J is for Juice

K is for Kiam Hu and Kiam Chye

L is for Laksa

M is for Mangosteens and more

N is for Nasi Lemak

O is for Orhnee

P is for Popiah

Q is for Qing Tang or Cheng Tng

R is for Rojak

S is for Sambal

T is for Tutu Kueh

U is for Uncle

V is for Vegetables

X is for xiaolongbao

Y is for Yue Bing 月饼 or Mooncake