Hello and goodbye

It’s never easy living far from friends and family. Three weeks back home in Singapore wasn’t enough (yeah I am a paranoid blogger, preferring not to reveal the fact that I wasn’t home until I, er, actually got home). I didn’t get to meet all my friends, and didn’t get to spend enough time with those I did manage to meet. And because we stayed with my in-laws, I didn’t get to see my parents and sister enough either! But wee reader got to meet his great grandparents and many other relatives and friends who have been so eager to meet him.

And I got to take some time out for myself, do some window shopping (and some actual shopping from my sister’s clothes line Uraraa), wander the ever-changing Singapore, and feast on good food!

So there were many cheerful hellos and some rather teary goodbyes. And here I am back again in my chilly foggy quiet suburb in Northern California, a world away from the hot humid loud busy city-state of Singapore.

Ok here come the food pictures!