RIP XI: Dark Matter

This was definitely an exciting read. No doubt about it.

The kind of book you open and read and read and then when you’re done it’s 1 am and you can’t sleep. Well perhaps that would be me if I wasn’t such a stickler for my 1030 pm bedtime (I have two kids who are up before 7 even on weekends – I need my sleep!).

Dark Matter has an intriguing beginning. A guy is abducted by an unknown man then wakes up to find himself strapped down to a gurney surrounded by people he doesn’t know. And then he discovers that he is in a world that isn’t his. His wife is not his wife. His son does not exist.

Dun dun dun!! It’s a parallel world!

It felt very much like it was written with a future movie in mind. A lot of action, what is probably an explosive soundtrack with a lot of electric guitars, or maybe that was what was in my head at the time when I was reading this book. (Is that just me?)

Blake Crouch is very fond of short staccato sentences.

A lot of pages read like these few lines.

One after another.

That’s how he seems to like to write.

It’s not really my style.

Unless you’re talking about blogging.

Cos then I could go on writing these sentences



And so Dark Matter makes for a quick and exciting read. One that will have you up all night, if you’re the up-all-night-reading types. One that is suitable enough for RIP, because the main character is definitely (1) imbibing and (2) in peril.

It’s the kind of book that makes me give it 4 stars on Goodreads immediately after reading. But some weeks later, as I think about it, I may knock it down to 3.5 or 3. Because while I was reading it – and really enjoying all its heartracing action – I don’t think I got very involved with its characters. I think that in fact I may have disliked Jason through most of it.

So read this for a quick fun read. Hey the readathon is coming up, and while it’s not exactly a short book at 342 pages, it’ll be a pretty good readathon kind of read, especially when you’re flagging in the middle of the night!


I read this book for Readers Imbibing in Peril XI

(here’s the link to the review site)